About Us

Our Objectives

  • Expected to serve as role model and mentors in various areas of business
  • Leadership development through training, retreats and roundtables meetings

Our Mission

To provide a platform of executive leaders for networking with peer level. To value the accomplishment, challenge prospective and support the drive to success.

Our Vission

Create an environment fo mutual trust, integrity, and caring, where members help each other generate and maintain accountability to self, and pointing out blind spots.

Our Initiatives

Skills & Knowledge

We host a variety of training programs on specific topics in leadership development, business growth and commercial strategy to to prepare young female business leaders for future opportunities and challenges.

Growth in
Mindset & Health

TWCR members and partners come together to support younger generation female business leaders to grow in an increasingly complex world.

Networking &
Knowledge Sharing

TWCR organizes events to bring together female business leaders across sectors in the East African region to meet, greet and exchange ideas on leadership and organizational development.

Business Exchange

We create opportunities for all members to build bilateral commercial relationships and grow economies of scale through strategic partnerships.

Mentorship & Counseling

Our work cultivates a platform whereby any participating member can seek direct advice from other participants and we encourage this. Learning from experience is a TWCR cornerstone.


Tanzania Women CEO Roundtable seeks to acknowledge, appreciate and grow female business leaders in the East African region.