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Our Initiatives


Mentorship & Counseling

Our work cultivates a platform whereby any participating member can seek direct advice from other participants and we encourage this. Learning from experience is a TWCR cornerstone.


Networking & Knowledge Sharing

TWCR organizes events to bring together female business leaders across sectors in the East African region to meet, greet and exchange ideas on leadership and organizational development.


Business Exchange

We create opportunities for all members to build bilateral commercial relationships and grow economies of scale through strategic partnerships.

The 2019 Pan-African Women CEO Forum

The Pan-African WomenCEO forum strives to evolve into the region’s most extraordinary women in leadership community, convening the preeminent women for wide-ranging conversations that inspire and deliver practical advice. Women who are on the front lines all over Africa coming to the stage to tell their stories and share insights.

  • WHEN: 28th – 30th, August 2019
  • WHERE: White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam-Tanzania